What is Advertising?

Advertising is where a person or a product is promoted by paying a media outlet (newspaper, magazine, TV channel, website, hoarding) and having a design or static ‘creative’ (which we have come to know as ads) published or aired in return.

What is Marketing / Digital Marketing?

Marketing is where one reaches the market through more innovative ways of promotion, preferably with public participation and interactions.  Digital Marketing is an extension whereby Digital Marketing personnel promote their clients on various social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Wikipedia and may assist in Paid News / Paid Articles online, as well as social media Verification.

What is Bollywood PR?

PR (Public Relations) is where one can get articles and images / videos promoted through the help of a publicist either in the traditional forms of media like print media, TV, radio, or the more contemporary from of media i.e. News Websites. PR professionals/Publicists help their clients build brands and create images to get famous through consistent publicity online. They also help their clients with Google SEO so that the articles and photographs are found on Google search and have archive value. They charge a service fee for that.

What is Celeb Management?

Celeb Management is where managers, secretaries, casting agents or talent management personnel (as they are interchangeably termed) attempt to get work and assignments for a celebrity or an upcoming artist. They discuss availability, dates and monies for projects, appearances and endorsements.

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