Top 5 digital marketing bloggers

Since the world has shifted all digital in the last decade. Business owners and marketers have a better idea of how digital will help in the long run business. These mentioned blogs would give you an efficient knowledge and methods to use your mind in the digital space. With reading these blogs, you can definitely expand your business. Some of the top marketing blogs in our country are mentioned below.

Social Samosa

The list of Social media or probably digital marketing publications would be incomplete without the mention of Social Samosa. Social Samosa was just a blog who has now grown to a level where they do Facebook live sessions with influencers on a constant basis, does in-depth campaign analysis and of course known for its meme content on Instagram. This publication helps to make the lives of marketers easier as they help their clients with checklists, flawless campaigns and cheat sheets. The businesses could contact social samosa to reach their target audience as they could provide the quality content via their site. Also, this publication is known for hosting various events which brings a lot of industry experts together under one roof from the world of brands, media and agencies.

Shout me loud

Harsh Agrawal has created the blog Shout me loud for the ones who are trying to get the hang of Affiliate marketing. This publication has created a community of readers for itself by the content they curate. One interesting thing on the site is there is a separate list of black Friday discounts which makes it easier for the reader to know well about the brands. We can clearly say that Harsh Agrawal is serious about promoting other brands via his publication Shout me loud.


Afaqs is considered as an important resource for the media and marketing professionals. It is the most respected as well as the most popular digital marketing blogs in the country. If one wants to know about the latest news in the media industry, agency world like the campaigns or the interviews, Afaqs is definitely the one to go for.

Ad Gully

This publication name defines itself as the narrow lane for the advertising and media industry. AdGully brings the content even from offline marketing and media, not only from the digital circle. This publication also covers news about movies for which they have a different segment. Throughout the year, Ad Gully also organises flagship events which brings various segments of the field together.

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is a very well-known name in the digital marketing industry. He also leads an agency based out of Chennai which is known for helping numerous brands in their growth. Sorav Jain is also working on spreading awareness about the digital world in rural India.

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