How can one promote music in India?

Music promotions in India can be done through organic PR content on New Age websites or paid PR content on Veteran websites or Legacy websites.

To understand what these sites are and the difference between them, you could read the article What are New-Age websites, Veteran websites and Legacy websites on the Media  Trade site PR Agencies in Mumbai. The article also talks about the advantages and disadvantages of organic and paid publicity on websites and different types of online promotions.

Music producers and artists also promote music through tours and shows. Apart from regular marketing efforts, the right Music PR is also important to attract adequate attention to songs, singles and music album releases. Various PR firms from the entertainment industry in India help the music to get publicity by publishing articles, behind the scenes and other sneak peeks.

The promotion usually happens in 4 stages that include tease, launch, campaign, and tour phases. The tease phase is just about announcing the upcoming launch and creating curiosity.

The music is released in the launch phase and made available on the designated channels or YouTube. Extensive music PR promotion and marketing happens in the campaign phase. During the tour phase, artists go to various events and parties for further PR promotions.

Bollywood PR firms can ensure good press coverage and publicity for songs, music numbers, singles, music videos and albums on various news websites across the internet. This way the music becomes popular and more people get motivated to hear and share it.

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