‘Bollywood publicists have a high-pressure job’

Talking to Pinkvilla about stress in the PR profession, PR executive Shweta Singh says, “You know, if I’m being honest there’s pressure everywhere but more so in the entertainment industry. The pressure to stay relevant, to connect, to be politically correct, constantly deliver good work, it’s exhausting. Especially if you’re someone who comes from humble beginnings with no impactful support to help to last longer than you would alone.”

“If I talk about PR, yes it is a high-pressure, high-stress job and it can take a toll on you if you’re battling any mental health illnesses, and depression is a disease like any other. As publicists, we are expected to always have a solution, always speak politely and never talk back because if we do, there are consequences and in a profession where you can’t truly express your emotions all the time,  you end up bottling it all inside you.”

“There are also times when you become the scapegoat in a time of crisis, your entire profession (PR) is questioned and spoken of in a negative light when all of us are just doing our jobs. People forget you’re just a human, an actual person who is doing his/her job like any other. That’s why you need an outlet, friends, people who understand you, ground you, help you find your sanity when you can’t do it yourself.”

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