Are articles about ‘celebrity secrets spilled by PRs’ true?

Nowadays there are some on Twitter who claim to be spilling the beans on celebrities and their dark secrets. Please understand that professional PRs normally do not do something like this. Professional and established PRs have their career at stake, lest their names come out someday.

So no established name in the Bollywood PR industry would want to risk his / her career for the sake of revealing a few star secrets.

Such a thing can only be done by fake accounts posing as celeb PRs, or by rookie small-time immature publicists, who do not have much to lose. Because in case a celebrity complains to Cyber Crime Investigation and Prevention Cell, chances are, the Twitter accounts may be tracked through IP addresses and the so-called PR person may get exposed and booked for slander.

Also, there are lots of celeb secrets that publicists normally stumble upon during the course of their work with celebrities. But PR professionals keep these secrets to themselves, simply because they are more concerned about maintaining long-term relationships with film industry people. They are not only interested in building the reputation of their clients, but also to protect them.

PS: This is also a reason why most established PR people will not speak against their past PR clients, even if they part with bitterness. It’s just a matter of professional PR ethics for them.

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