Top 10 best Bollywood publicity magnets

1. Salman Khan

A ‘hero’ among the masses, Salman Khan is truly a people’s person. The box-office collections of ‘Bhai’s’ movies speak a lot about the 55-year-old Bollywood actor’s fame and public persona. Salman’s incomparable public appeal primarily rests on his signature acting and the characters played by him on screen. His movies appeal to the audiences of all age groups and have made him a household name.

2. Kangana Ranaut

Famous for her acting skills, Kangana Ranaut is often tagged as the ‘Queen’ of controversies in India. The 33-year-old Bollywood actor is known for speaking her heart out unabashedly. May it be her views on politics, religious tolerance or people in the film industry, Kangana makes sure that her voice is heard. Her personal as well as her professional life have often been in the spotlight because of her public attacks on the State Government, co-workers and even media.

3. Ranveer Singh

One of the most bankable stars in Bollywood, Ranveer Singh regularly makes it to the headlines due to his outlandish wardrobe. The 35-year-old actor is the recipient of several awards for his exceptional acting skills. His power-packed performances and film choices have helped him attain a permanent spot in the hearts of Indian audiences. Married to actor Deepika Padukone, Ranveer is a heartthrob among youngsters.

4. Karan Johar

It isn’t surprising to see that Bollywood’s biggest ‘star maker’ enjoys a ‘star-like’ celebrity status himself. In his career spanning over two decades, Karan Johar has provided Bollywood with some brilliant and unforgettable films. Apart from his films, KJo is famous for his television appearances and dressing sense. His unapologetic glamour coupled with his sassy remarks always manage to garner media attention. May it be his autobiography The Unsuitable Boy or his talk show Koffee With Karan, he always attracts controversies.

5. Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Known as Bollywood’s ‘Desi Girl,’ Priyanka Chopra Jonas rules the hearts of audiences worldwide. Her International celebrity status makes her one of the most popular Indian celebrities in the world. May it be her role in Aitraaz or in the American series Quantico, Priyanka never shies away from experimenting. Married to American singer-songwriter Nick Jonas, Priyanka’s reputation precedes her everywhere. Her charismatic personality and witty remarks are always appreciated by the media and audiences alike.

6. Neha Kakkar

Revered for her melodious voice, Neha Kakkar came into spotlight with the song “Sunny Sunny.” Her famous dance numbers and romantic songs are loved by youth across the country. Being the most followed celebrity on Instagram, Neha manages to grab the attention of audiences and media wherever she goes. Her mainstream Bollywood songs receive millions of views on YouTube, making her one of the most famous singers of all time.

7. Arnab Goswami

It is surprising for an Indian news reporter to make it to the headlines so often. But Republic Media Network’s Arnab Goswami manages to garner media attention regularly. Outspoken and unafraid, Arnab’s unique style of presenting news have made him an influential journalist of the country. His heated debates on news related to Bollywood are often controversial and attacking.

8. Sushant Singh Rajput (posthumous)

Widely appraised for his acting skills, Sushant Singh Rajput’s death attracted a lot of media attention. It won’t be wrong to say that his death felt more like a personal loss for people across the nation. His alleged suicide stirred up debates pertaining to nepotism and drug abuse in the Bollywood industry. Being loved by almost everyone — his fans, his co-workers and friends, Sushant left behind a lot of heartbreaks and questions. His popularity didn’t diminish even a year after his death as he has managed to create a special place in the hearts of his audiences.

9. Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi Rautela has represented India in a number of beauty pageants. Though she could not make it big in Bollywood as an actress, Urvashi manages to rule the hearts of audiences across the nation. Being the highest paid youngest Asian Instagrammer, Urvashi has more than a million followers on Instagram. Many of whom swoon over her multiple bikini pictures. Known as a fashion icon and trendsetter, Urvashi reportedly charges a whopping 30 lakh rupees fee for a single Instagram post.

10. Akshay Kumar

Known as an accomplished actor, stuntman, philanthropist and producer, Akshay Kumar is one of the most sought-after celebrities in India. With businesses and brand endorsements all over the world, Akshay Kumar’s attitude towards his work sets him apart from other Bollywood celebrities. Being vocal about his political opinions and working in patriotic and message-centric films, Akshay always manages to attract media and audience attention through his works.

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